/ bI5hB:f; [email protected] -5hf; bI`hAf/ n (idm 习语) on behalf of sb/on sb's behalf; US in behalf of sb/in sb's behalf as the representative of or spokesman for sb; in the interest of sb 做某人的代表或代言人; 为某人之利益: On behalf of my colleagues and myself I thank you. 我代表我的同事以及我自己向你表示谢意. * Ken is not present, so I shall accept the prize on his behalf. 肯不在场, 所以我代表他领奖. * The legal guardian must act on behalf of the child. 法定监护人应该维护这个孩子的利益. * Don't be uneasy on my behalf, ie about me. 不要为我担心.