/ bi:st; bist/ n
(dated or fml 旧或文) animal, esp a large four-footed one 动物(尤指大的﹑ 有四条腿的): all the beasts of the earth 地球上的一切走兽 * The lion is called the king of beasts. 狮子被称为百兽之王.
(a) brutal or disgusting person 野蛮的人; 令人生厌的人: When he's drunk he's a beast. 他喝醉时很野蛮. * Drink brings out the beast in him, ie emphasizes the brutal part of his nature. 他酒後兽性大发. (b) (infml 口) (used playfully or reproachfully 用以打趣或斥责) unpleasant person 令人不快的人: Stop tickling me, you beast! 别胳肢我了, 你这讨厌鬼! * Don't be such a beast! 别那麽讨人嫌!
> beastly adj
1 like a beast; brutal 野兽般的; 凶残的.

2 (infml esp Brit) unpleasant; nasty 使人不愉快的; 恶劣的: What beastly weather! 多麽恶劣的天气! * That's absolutely beastly of him. 那他可太可恶了. adv (infml esp Brit) very; extremely 很; 极其: It's beastly cold outside! 外边冷极了!
# beast of `burden animal, such as a donkey, used for carrying heavy loads on its back 力畜, 役畜, 牲口(如驴).