2 / beIs; bes/ n
(a) lowest male voice 男低音: Is he a bass or a baritone? 他是男低音还是男中音? (b) singer with such a voice 男低音歌手: He is a very fine bass. 他是非常优秀的男低音歌手.
lowest part in music (for voice or instruments) (声乐或器乐的)低音部: He sings bass. 他唱低音.
= double-bass (double).
(also bass guitar) electric guitar producing very low notes 低音电吉他.
> bass adj [attrib 作定语] low in tone 低音的: a bass `voice 低音的嗓子 * a bass clari`net 低音竖笛 * the ,bass `clef, ie symbol in music showing that the notes following in it are low in pitch 低音谱号(乐谱上表明其後的音符为低音的符号). Cf 参看 treble2.