2 / 5bB:gIn; `bBr^In/ v
[I, Ipr] ~ (with sb) (about/over/for sth) discuss (with sb) prices, terms of trade, etc with the aim of buying or selling goods, or changing conditions, on terms that are favourable to oneself (与某人)讨价还价; 洽谈成交条件; 谈判: Never pay the advertised price for a car; always try to bargain. 千万不要照牌价购买汽车, 总得讲讲价才是. * Dealers bargain with growers over the price of coffee. 商人与种植者就咖啡的价格进行商洽. * The unions bargained (with management) for a shorter working week. 工会为缩短工作周而(与资方)讨价还价.
(phr v) bargain sth away give sth away (esp sth valuable in exchange for sth less so) 牺牲某物(尤指以贵物交换贱物): The leaders bargained away the freedom of their people. 领导人拿人民的自由来做交易. bargain for sth; bargain on sth (infml 口) (often negative 常用於否定式) expect; be prepared for 预料; 有备於: The exam was more difficult than I had bargained for. 这次考试之难出乎我的意料之外. * Tom didn't bargain on his wife returning so soon. 汤姆没有想到他妻子会回来得这麽快. * When the politician agreed to answer questions on television, he got more than he had bargained for, ie was unpleasantly surprised at the consequences. 这个政客同意在电视上公开回答问题, 不料竟弄巧成拙(其後果使他感到愕然).