1 / 5bB:gIn; `bBr^In/ n
agreement in which both or all sides promise to do sth for each other 协议(双方或各方约定彼此要为对方做的事项): If you promote our goods, we will give you a good discount as our part of the bargain. 若你方经销我们的货物, 我方愿给予你相当大的优惠作为回报. * The bargain they reached with their employers was to reduce their wage claim in return for a shorter working week. 他们与雇主达成的协议是他们在工资方面降低要求, 但每周工时要缩短.
thing bought or sold for less than its usual price 廉价购买或廉价出售之物: It's a bargain, ie It is very good value for money. 这可是便宜货 * [attrib 作定语] a bargain price, ie a low price 廉价.
(idm 习语) a bad `bargain (a) agreement that is more beneficial to the other side(s) than to oneself 对方占便宜的协议; 吃亏的交易. (b) thing bought because it was thought cheap but which one later regrets buying 後悔当初不该买的便宜货. drive a hard bargain => drive1. a good `bargain (a) agreement that is more beneficial to oneself than to the other side(s) 自己占便宜的协议; 上算的交易: You've got a good bargain there. 你做了一笔很上算的交易. (b) thing, usu valuable, bought at a very low price 以极其便宜的价格购得之物(通常指值钱的物品). into the `bargain; US also in the `bargain (infml 口) in addition; moreover 加之; 此外: She was a distinguished scientist and a gifted painter into the bargain. 她是一位杰出的科学家--同时还是一位很有才华的画家呢. strike a bargain => strike2.
# `bargain counter part of a store where goods are offered for sale at reduced prices (商店的)廉价品柜台, 廉价部.
`bargain-hunter n person looking for goods at very low prices 专拣便宜货的人.