3 / bANk; bANk/ n
establishment for keeping money, valuables, etc safely, the money being paid out on the customer's order (by means of cheques) 银行: have money in the bank, ie have savings 在银行中有存款 * [attrib 作定语] a `bank manager 银行经理 * a `bank account 银行帐户 * a `bank loan, ie money borrowed from a bank 银行贷款.
(in gambling) sum of money held by the keeper of a gaming table, from which he pays his losses (赌博)庄家的赌本.
store (of valuable things, information, etc) (贵重物品﹑ 信息等的)储库: build up a bank of useful addresses, references, information, etc 建立一个有用的地址﹑ 参考书目﹑ 信息等的储存库 * a `blood bank 血库 * a `data bank 数据库.
(idm 习语) ,break the `bank (a) (in gambling) win more money than is in the bank3(2) (赌博)赢的钱比庄家的赌本还要多. (b) (infml 口) cost more than one can afford 花费不起: Come on! One evening at the theatre won't break the bank. 得啦! 看一晚上戏不会倾家荡产的.
# `bank balance amount of money credited to or owed by an individual bank account 银行存款余额.
`bank-book (also passbook) n book containing a record of a customer's bank account 银行存摺.
`bank card = cheque card (cheque).
`bank draft (document used for) the transferring of money from one bank to another 银行汇票; 银行之间的汇兑.
,bank `holiday 1 (Brit) day (not a Saturday or a Sunday) on which banks are officially closed, usu a public holiday (eg Easter Monday, Christmas Day, etc) (星期六和星期日以外的)银行假日(通常为公众假日, 如复活节後的星期一﹑ 圣诞节等). 2 (US) any weekday on which banks are closed, usu on special instructions from the Government (星期日以外的任何的)银行假日(通常为奉政府命令停止营业的).
`banknote = note1.
`bank rate minimum rate of interest in a country as fixed by a central bank or banks 银行贴现率(中央银行规定的全国最低利率).
`bank statement printed record showing all the money paid into and out of a customer's bank account within a certain period 银行结单(显示某时期内储户存取款项的清单).