2 / bANk; bANk/ v
[I] (of an aircraft, etc) travel with one side higher than the other, usu when turning (指飞机等)倾斜飞行(通常於转弯时): The plane banked steeply to the left. 飞机陡然向左侧倾斜飞行.
(phr v) bank up rise in the form of banks1(4) 聚积成平顶状: The snow has banked up against the shed. 雪在小屋旁聚积起来. bank sth up (a) make sth into banks 使某物成堤状. (b) stop water of (a river, etc) from flowing by making a bank of earth, mud, etc (用泥土等)筑堤以堵截(河等的)流水: bank up a stream 筑堤以堵截水流. (c) heap coal-dust, etc on (the fire in a fireplace or furnace) so that the fire burns slowly for a long time (用煤灰等)封炉火.