1 / bANk; bANk/ n
land sloping up along each side of a river or canal; ground near a river 河边的斜坡; 河边的土地; 河岸; 河畔: Can you jump over to the opposite bank? 你能跳到对岸吗? * My house is on the south bank (of the river). 我家座落在(河的)南岸. =>Usage at coast1 用法见 coast1.
sloping ground, often forming a border or division (通常为形成边界或分界线的)坡地: low banks of earth between rice-fields 稻田之间的地埂; 田埂 * flowers growing on the banks on each side of the country lanes 乡间小路两旁斜坡上长的花.
= sand (sandbank).
flat-topped mass of cloud, snow, etc, esp one formed by the wind 顶部平坦的云堆﹑ 雪堆等(尤指由风吹成的): The sun went behind a bank of clouds. 太阳钻到云堆里去了.