3 / bAN; bAN/ adv (infml 口)
suddenly, violently or noisily; abruptly 突然地; 猛烈地; 发出响声地; 粗暴地: I tripped and fell bang on the floor. 我绊倒了, 重重地?在地板上.
(a) exactly; precisely 恰好; 正好: bang in the middle of the performance 演出正进行到一半 * Your guess was bang on target. 你猜得对极了. (b) completely 完全地; 彻底地: This film is bang up to date. 这部影片是全新的.
(idm 习语) bang goes sth (infml 口) that is the (sudden) end of sth 为某事物的(突然的)结尾: Bang went his hopes of promotion. 他获得晋升的希望突然破灭了. be bang `on (sl 俚) be exactly right 恰到好处: Her criticisms were bang on every time. 她的批评每次都非常中肯. * Your budget figures were bang on this year. 你今年的预算数字十分准确. go `bang (infml 口) burst or explode with a loud noise 在一声巨响中爆裂或爆炸.