/ bE5nB:nE; [email protected] bE5nAnE; bE`nAnE/ n
(a) long thick-skinned edible fruit that is yellow when ripe 香蕉. =>illus at fruit 见fruit之插图. (b) tropical or semi-tropical tree bearing this fruit 香蕉树(生长於热带或亚热带).
(idm 习语) go ba`nanas (sl 俚) become mad or angry; act very foolishly 发疯; 发怒; 傻里傻气.
# ba`nana republic (derog 贬) small, often unstable, country whose economy depends on the export of fruit 香蕉共和国(以水果输出为经济命脉的, 常为不稳定的小国).
ba`nana skin (infml 口) source of difficulty or embarrassment, esp to a public figure, an organization, etc 造成困难或麻烦的根源(尤对某知名人物﹑ 组织等而言): The proposed tax changes are likely to prove a banana skin for the Government. 建议中的税务变动很可能给政府带来无穷後患.