2 / 5bAlEns; `bAlEns/ v
(a) [Tn, Tn.pr] keep or put (sth) in a state of balance1(2a) 使(某物)保持平衡: a clown balancing a stick on the end of his nose 在鼻尖上立着棍子使之保持平衡的丑角. (b) [I, Ipr] be or put oneself in a state of balance 使自己保持平衡: He balanced precariously on the narrow window-ledge. 他在狭窄的窗台上很难保持平衡. * How long can you balance on one foot? 你能单脚站立多久?
(finance 财) (a) [Tn] compare the total debits and credits in (an account) and record the sum needed to make them equal 结算: balance an account/one's books 结帐 * balance the budget, ie arrange for income and expenditure to be equal 平衡预算(使收支相抵). (b) [I] (of an account, a balance sheet, etc) show equal totals of debits and credits (指帐目﹑ 资产负债表等)显示借贷相抵(收支平衡): Do the firm's accounts balance? 这家公司的帐目收支是否平衡? (c) [Tn] be of the same value as (sth opposite); offset 与(某对比事物)等价; 抵销: This year's profits will balance our previous losses. 本年度的盈利将与上一年度的亏损相抵. * (fig 比喻) His lack of experience was balanced by his willingness to learn. 他悉心好学弥补了经验不足.
[Tn.pr] ~ A against B compare the value of one plan, argument, etc with that of another 将此一计划﹑ 主张等与彼一计划﹑ 主张等作价值上的比较; 权衡二者之利弊: She balanced the attractions of a high salary against the prospect of working long hours. 她对高薪和长工时两者的利弊作了权衡比较.
[Tn] give equal importance to (different parts of sth) 对(某事物的不同部分)给予同等的重视; 等量齐观: This school aims to balance the amount of time spent on arts and science subjects. 这所学校在时间安排上努力做到文理并重. * Try to balance your diet by eating more fruit and less protein. 多吃些水果, 少摄入些蛋白质, 使饮食均衡合理.
> balanced adj [usu attrib 通常作定语] keeping or showing a balance 保持平衡的; 显示平衡的: a balanced state of mind, ie a stable one, in which no single emotion is too strong 内心的平衡(无过激情绪的稳定心态) * a balanced decision, ie one reached after comparing all the arguments 折衷的决定(比较所有意见之後作出的决定) * a balanced diet, ie one with the quantity and variety of food needed for good health 均衡饮食(按照增进健康所需之食物数量及品种进行调配的饮食).