1 / 5bAlEns; `bAlEns/ n
[C] instrument used for weighing, with a central pivot, a beam and two scales or pans 天平; 秤. => illus at scale3 见scale3之插图.
[U] (a) even distribution of weight; steadiness 平衡; 平稳: Riders need a good sense of balance. 骑车的人必须善 於保持平衡. (b) steadiness of mind; sanity 心境的平稳; 心智健全: His wife's sudden death upset the balance ofhis mind. 他妻子突然去世, 他感到六神无主.
[U, sing](a) ~ (in sth/between A and B) condition that exists when two opposites are equal or in correct proportions 均衡状态; 均势: Try to achieve a better balance between work and play. 争取把工作和娱乐更好地结合起来. * This newspaper maintains a good balance in its presentation of different opinions. 这家报纸刊登不同意见始终做到不偏不倚. (b) pleasing proportion of parts in a whole 谐调; 匀称: All the parts of the building are in perfect balance. 建筑物的各部分都显得非常匀称. * This painting has a pleasing balance of shapes and colours. 这幅画在构图和色彩方面都十分谐调.
[C usu sing 通常作单数] (finance 财) difference between two columns of an account, ie money received or owing and money spent or owed 收支差额; 余额: I must check my bank balance, ie find out how much money I have in my account. 我要核对一下我在银行的余额(看我的帐户上有多少钱).
(a) [C usu sing 通常作单数] amount (of money) still owed after some payment has been made 余欠之(钱)数: The balance (of 500) will be paid within one week. 余欠之数(500英镑)将於一周内付清. (b) the balance [sing] remainder of sth after part has already been used, taken, etc 剩余: The balance of your order will be supplied when we receive fresh stock. 贵方所订购货物之其余部分, 一俟我方进货即可供应. * When will you take the balance of your annual leave? 你打算什麽时候使用剩余的年假? =>Usage at rest3 用法见 rest3.
(idm 习语) (be/hang) in the balance (of a decision, result, sb's future, etc) (be) uncertain or undecided (指决定﹑ 结果﹑ 某人的未来等)不能确定的, 尚未决定的: The future of this project is (hanging) in the balance. 这项目的下一步仍然悬而未决. keep/lose one's `balance keep steady/become unsteady; remain upright/fall 保持[失去]平衡; 立稳[倒下]: It is difficult to keep one's balance on an icy pavement. 人行道上结了冰, 要想不?倒可不容易. * She cycled too fast round the corner, lost her balance and fell off. 她骑车因拐弯太快, 失去平衡而?倒了. (catch/throw sb) off balance (find/cause sb to be) in danger of falling because his steadiness is disturbed (发现[使]某人)摇摇欲坠: I was caught off balance by the sudden wind and nearly fell. 突然一阵风吹得我东摇西晃险些?倒. on `balance (infml 口) having considered every aspect, argument, etc 考虑周全; 总的来看: Despite some failures, our firm has had quite a good year on balance. 我们公司尽管存在某些不足之处, 总的来看这一年还是相当不错的. redress the balance => redress v. strike a balance => strike2. tip the balance => tip2 3.
# ,balance of `payments difference between the amount paid to foreign countries for imports and services and the amount received from them for exports, etc in a given period 国际收支差额: [attrib 作定语] a healthy balance-of-payments position 良好的国际收支状况.
,balance of `power 1 situation in which power is equally divided among rival states or groups of states 均势(对立的国家或国家集团之间势均力敌的状况). 2 (politics 政) power held by a small group when rival larger groups are equal or almost equal in strength (当处於对立状态的较大团体力量均衡或接近均衡时)小团体所具有的举足轻重的力量: Since the two main parties each won the same number of seats, the minority party holds the balance of power. 由於两个主要政党都赢得了相同数量的席位, 因此作为少数派的政党居於举足轻重的地位.
,balance of `trade difference in value between exports and imports 进出口贸易差额: [attrib 作定语] a balance-of-trade deficit, ie when a country's exports are worth less than its imports 贸易赤字(进口多於出口).
`balance sheet written record of money received and paid out, showing the difference between the two total amounts 资产负债表, 资金平衡表(显示收支总差额的记录).