/ 5R:kwEd; `RkwLd/ adj
badly designed; difficult to use 设计不当的; 使用不便的; 别扭的: The handle of this teapot has an awkward shape. 这茶壶把儿的形状真别扭. * It's an awkward door you have to bend down to go through it. 这扇门很不方便--得弯着腰才能过去.
causing difficulty, embarrassment or inconvenience 造成困难﹑ 尴尬或不便的: an awkward series of bends in the road 路上一连串难走的弯 * You've put me in a very awkward position. 你把我弄得很狼狈. * Please arrange the next meeting at a less awkward time. 请把下次会议时间安排得方便些. * It's very awkward of you not to play for the team tomorrow. 你明天不为本队参加比赛可太不像话了. * Stop being so awkward! 别这麽别别扭扭的!
lacking skill or grace; clumsy 无技巧的; 不熟练的; 不灵活的; 笨拙的: Swans are surprisingly awkward on land. 天鹅在陆地上笨得出奇. * I was always an awkward dancer. 我跳舞一向是笨手笨脚的.
embarrassed 尴尬的; 难为情的; 不好意思的; 狼狈的: I realized they wanted to be alone together so I felt very awkward. 我意识到了他们想要单独在一起, 所以觉得很尴尬.
(idm 习语) the `awkward age period of adolescence when young people lack confidence and have difficulty preparing for adult life 尴尬年龄(青春期的一段时期, 青少年在此期间缺乏自信心, 难以适应成人生活). an ,awkward `customer person or animal that is difficult or dangerous to deal with 难对付的家伙(难以应付的或危险的人或动物). > awkwardly adv. awkwardness n [U].