/ E5weE(r); E`wZr/ adj
[pred 作表语] ~ of sb/sth; ~ that... having knowledge or realization of sb/sth 对某人[某事物]知道﹑ 明白﹑ 觉察到﹑ 意识到: aware of the risk, danger, threat, etc 觉察到风险﹑ 危险﹑ 威胁等 * Are you aware of the time? 你知道是什麽时候了吗? * It happened without my being aware of it. 事情在我不知不觉中发生了. * I'm (well) aware that very few jobs are available. 我(很)清楚工作职位非常少. * She became aware that something was burning. 她发觉有东西烧着了. * I don't think you're aware (of) how much this means to me. 我想你还不知道这对我多麽重要.
well-informed; interested, esp in current events 见闻广博的, 感兴趣的(尤指对时事): She's always been a politically aware person. 她一直非常关心政治. > awareness n [U].