1 / E5weIk; E`wek/ v (pt awoke / E5wEUk; E`wok/, pp awoken / E5wEUkEn; E`wokEn/) [I, Tn]
(cause a person or an animal to) stop sleeping; wake (使人或动物)醒; 弄醒: She awoke when the nurse entered the room. 护士进屋的时候, 她就醒了. * He awoke the sleeping child. 他把那个睡着的孩子弄醒了.
(fig 比喻) (cause sth to) become active (使某事物)活动; 引起; 激起: The letter awoke old fears. 那封信又勾起了往日的恐惧.
(phr v) awake to sth become aware of sth; realize sth 对某事物觉醒﹑ 觉悟﹑ 醒悟; 觉察到﹑ 领悟到﹑ 意识到某事物: awake to the dangers, the opportunities, one's surroundings 觉察到有危险﹑ 有机会﹑ 意识到自己所处的环境.