/ E5veIlEbl; E`velEbl/ adj
(of things) that can be used or obtained (指物)可用的或可得到的: Tickets are available at the box office. 票房有票. * You will be informed when the book becomes available. 这本书有货时就通知你. * This was the only available room. 只剩下那个房间可用了.
(of people) free to be seen, talked to, etc (指人)可会见的, 可与之交谈的等: I'm available in the afternoon. 我下午有空. * The Prime Minister was not available for comment. 首相无暇作出评论. > availability / E9veIlE5bIlEtI; E9velE`bIlEtI/ n [U].