/ 5R:tEm; `RtEm/ (US fall) n [U, C] the third season of the year, coming between summer and winter, ie from September to November in the northern hemisphere 秋, 秋天, 秋季(一年的第三季, 在北半球为从九月至十一月): The leaves turn brown in autumn. 秋天树叶变黄. * in the autumn of 1980 在1980年的秋天 * in (the) early/late autumn 在初[]秋 * It's been one of the coldest autumns for years. 这是多年来最冷的秋天. * [attrib 作定语] autumn colours, weather, fashions 秋季的色彩﹑ 天气﹑ 流行式样 * (fig 比喻) in the autumn of (ie the later part of) one's life 在暮年(晚年).
> autumnal / R:5tQmnEl; R`tQmnl/ adj [usu pred 通常作表语] of or like autumn 秋天; 像秋天: The weather in June was positively autumnal. 那六月的天气真像秋天似的.