/ 9R:tE5mAtIk; 9RtE`mAtIk/ adj
(of a machine) working by itself without direct human control; self-regulating (指机器)自动的; 自动调整的: an automatic washing-machine 自动洗衣机 * automatic gears, ie in a motor vehicle 自动排挡(机动车辆中的自动变速装置) * an automatic rifle, ie one that continues firing as long as the trigger is pressed 自动步枪(只要一直扣住扳机便可连续射击的步枪).
(of actions) done without thinking, esp from habit or routine; unconscious (指动作)未加思索而做出的(尤指基於习惯或因袭陈规者); 无意识的: For most of us breathing is automatic. 我们大多数人的呼吸都是无意识的.
following necessarily 必然随之而来的: A fine for this offence is automatic. 对於这种过失, 罚款是必然的.
> automatic n
1 automatic machine or gun or tool 自动的机器或枪炮或工具.
2 car with automatic transmission 自动汽车(有自动变速器的汽车).
automatically / -klI; -klI/ adv.
# ,automatic `pilot device in an aircraft or a ship to keep it on a set course without human control (飞行器或轮船上的)自动驾驶仪.
,automatic trans`mission system in a motor vehicle that changes the gears automatically 自动变速器(机动车辆中的自动换挡系统).