/ B:nt; [email protected] Ant; Ant/
(a) n sister of one's father or mother; wife of one's uncle 姑母; 姨母; 伯母; 婶母; 舅母: Aunt Mary is my mother's sister. 玛丽姨母是我母亲的妹妹. =>App 8 见附录8. (b) woman whose brother or sister has a child 身为姑母或姨母的女子.
(infml 口) (used by children, usu in front of a first name 儿童用语, 通常用於被称呼者名前, 不与姓同称) unrelated woman friend, esp of one's parents 阿姨, 姑姑(尤指父母的朋友).
> auntie (also aunty) / 5B:ntI; [email protected] 5AntI; `AntI/ n (infml 口) = aunt.
# ,Aunt `Sally 1 wooden figure used as a target in a throwing-game at fairs, etc 在游乐场等处用作投掷游戏目标的木偶.
(fig 比喻) person or thing that is subjected to general abuse and criticism, often undeserved 广为人指责的人或事物(常为代人受过者); 替罪羊; 替死鬼: Any public figure risks being made an Aunt Sally by the popular press. 任何知名人士都要冒风险, 会成为通俗刊物的众矢之的.