/ 5R:kFn, also 5CkFn; `RkFEn/ n
[U] method of selling things in which each item is sold to the person who offers the most money for it 拍卖(方式): The house is up for auction/will be sold by auction. 这所房子将要拍卖. * It should fetch (ie be sold for) 100000 at auction. 拍卖它可得100000英镑.
[C] (also `auction sale) public event when this takes place 拍卖: attend all the local auctions 参加本地所有的拍卖活动.
> auction v
1 [Tn] sell (sth) by auction 拍卖.
2 (phr v) auction sth off sell (esp surplus or unwanted goods) by auction 拍卖掉(尤指剩余的或多余的物资): The Army is auctioning off a lot of old equipment. 军队正在把大量旧装备拍卖掉.
auctioneer / 9R:kFE5nIE(r); 9RkFEn`Ir/ n person whose job is conducting auctions 拍卖人.
# `auction bridge form of bridge2 in which players bid for the right to name trumps 竞叫桥牌(桥牌戏的一种, 谁叫牌最高就由谁定王牌).