/ E5tAk; E`tAk/ n
[C, U] ~ (on sb/sth) violent attempt to hurt, overcome or defeat sb/sth 伤害; 攻击; 进攻; 攻打: make an attack on the enemy, bridge, town 向敌人﹑ 桥梁﹑ 城镇进攻 * the victim of a terrorist attack 恐怖分子攻击的受害者 * Our troops are now on the attack. 我们的部队正在进攻. * The patrol came under attack from all sides. 巡逻队遭到来自四面八方的攻击. * (saying 谚) Attack is the best form of defence. 进攻是最好的防御.
[C, U] ~ (on sb/sth) strong criticism in speech or writing 抨击; 非难: an attack on the Government's policies 对政府政策的抨击.
[C] ~ (on sth) vigorous attempt to deal with sth 对某事物奋力着手处理; 动手: an all-out attack on poverty, unemployment, etc 全力着手解决贫困﹑ 失业等问题.
[C] sudden start of an illness, etc (疾病等突然的)侵袭, 发作: an attack of asthma, flu, malaria, hiccups, nerves, etc 气喘﹑ 流感﹑ 疟疾﹑ 呃逆﹑ 神经质等发作 * a `heart attack 心脏病发作 * (fig 比喻) an attack of the giggles 一阵咯咯的傻笑.
[U] (esp vigorous) way of beginning sth (尤指强有力的)开始某事物: This piece of music needs to be played with more attack. 这段乐曲的开始部分要演奏得更加雄壮有力.
[C usu sing 通常作单数] (sport 体) (players who are in the) position of trying to score in a game, eg of football or cricket (在如足球或板球比赛中处於可得分的)进攻位置(的运动员): England's attack has been weakened by the injury of certain key players. 英格兰队某些主力运动员受伤而使攻球削弱. * We must move more players into the attack. 我们要多调配运动员到攻球区.
> attack v
1 [I, Tn] make an attack on (sb/sth) 攻击; 进攻; 袭击: They decided to attack at night. 他们决定夜晚进攻. * attack a neighbouring country 攻击邻国 * A woman was attacked and robbed by a gang of youths. 有一妇女遭到一群青年的袭击和抢劫.
2 [Tn] criticize (sb/sth) severely 抨击: a newspaper article attacking the Prime Minister 报纸上抨击首相的文章.
3 [Tn] begin to deal with (sth) vigorously; tackle 奋力着手处理(某事物); 对付: The Government is making no attempt to attack unemployment. 政府无意解决失业问题. * Shall we attack the washing-up? 咱们动手洗碗碟好吗? * They attacked their meal with gusto. 他们大吃大喝.
4 [Tn] act harmfully on (sth/sb) 侵袭, 腐蚀(某事物[某人]): a disease that attacks the brain 侵袭大脑的疾病 * Rust attacks metals. 锈能腐蚀金属. attacker n person who attacks 攻击者; 进攻者; 抨击者.