/ E5FR:(r); [email protected] E5FUEr; E`FJr/ v
(a) [Dn.f] tell (sb) positively or confidently 明确地或有信心地告诉(某人); 向(某人)保证: I assure you they'll be perfectly safe with us. 我向你保证, 他们和我们在一起十分安全. * They were assured that everything possible was being done. 已经向他们保证, 凡是可能做的都做到了. (b) [Tn.pr, Dn.f] ~ sb/oneself (of sth) cause sb/oneself to be sure or feel certain about sth 使某人[自己]对某事物确信不疑或觉得肯定无误: They tried to assure him of their willingness to work. 他们尽力使他相信他们乐意工作. * She was able to assure herself that nothing had been taken from her purse. 她确信钱包里什麽东西都没被拿走.
[Tn] make (sth) certain; ensure 使(某事物)确定; 确保: Her success as an actress was now assured. 她当演员很成功, 已毋庸置疑了.
[Tn] insure (sth), esp against sb's death 给(某事物)保险(尤指寿险): What is the sum assured? 人寿保险额是多少?
(idm 习语) rest assured => rest1.
> assured (also self-assured) adj confident 自信的; 有把握的: His public speaking manner is still not very assured. 他演讲的神态还显出有点缺乏自信. assuredly / E5FR:rIdlI; [email protected] E5FUErEdlI; E`FJrIdlI/ adv (arch 古) certainly 确定地; 肯定地.
the assured n (pl unchanged 复数不变) person who has an assurance policy on his life 已保寿险的人.