2 / E5sEUFIeIt; E`soFI9et/ v
[Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sb/sth (with sb/sth) join (people or things) together; connect (ideas, etc) in one's mind 将(人或事物)联系起来; 在头脑中联想(主意等): You wouldn't normally associate these two writers their styles are completely different. 通常不会把这两位作家相提并论--他们两人的风格完全不同. * Whisky is usually associated with Scotland. 人们常把威士忌同苏格兰联系起来. * I always associate him with fast cars. 我总是由他联想到高速汽车.
[Ipr] ~ with sb act together with or often deal with sb 与某人交往或常打交道: I don't like you associating with such people. 我不喜欢你和那些人混在一起.
[Tn.pr] ~ oneself with sth declare or show that one is in agreement with sth 声称或表示自己赞同某事物: I have never associated myself with political extremism. 我从来不赞同政治上的极端主义.