/ E5s\:t; E`s[t/ v
[Tn] (a) make others recognize (sth) by behaving firmly and confidently 坚定而有信心地使别人认识到(某事物); 坚持: assert one's authority, independence, rights 坚持自己的权威性﹑ 独立性﹑ 权利. (b) ~ oneself behave in a confident manner that attracts attention and respect 表现出自信而受到注意和尊重: You're too timid you must try to assert yourself more. 你太畏缩了--要尽量增强自信心.
[Tn, Tf] state (sth) clearly and forcefully as the truth 清楚而有力地表明(某事物)为事实; 声称; 断言: She asserted her innocence/that she was innocent. 她坚称自己很清白[她是无辜的].