/ 5Aspekt; `AspZkt/ n
[C] particular part or feature of sth being considered 方面: look at every aspect of the problem 看这问题的各个方面.
[sing] (fml 文) (esp of people) appearance or look (尤指人)样子, 容貌, 神态: a man of enormous size and terrifying aspect 面目狰狞的彪形大汉.
[C usu sing 通常作单数] side of a building that faces a particular direction (建筑物的)方向, 方位: The house has a southern aspect. 这所房子朝南.
[C] (in astrology) relative position of stars and planets, thought to influence events on earth 星位(占星术中命星与行星间的相对位置, 认为可影响人间事物).
[C] (grammar) range of meanings expressed by the verb forms have + past participle (eg has worked) or be + present participle (eg is working) 体(动词的语法范畴, 以have+过去分词表示, 如 has worked, 或以be+现在分词表示, 如 is working).
> aspectual / 5AspektFUEl; A`spZktFJEl/ adj (grammar) concerned with aspect(5) (动词)体的: There is an aspectual difference between `He crossed the road' and `He was crossing the road'. He crossed the road和He was crossing the road两句中动词的体是不同的.