2 / AF; AF/ n [U] powder that remains after sth (esp tobacco, coal, etc) has burnt 灰末; 灰: cigarette ash 香烟灰 * volcanic ash 火山灰 * Coke is an economical fuel but it leaves a lot of ash. 焦炭是一种很经济的燃料, 可是燃烧後剩下很多灰. Cf 参看 ashes.
ash 5blonde (a) (of hair) very light greyish-blond in colour (指头发)略呈浅灰的金黄色. (b) woman with hair of this colour 有这种颜色头发的女子.
5ashpan n tray (placed underneath a fireplace, stove, etc) into which the ashes drop from a fire (壁炉﹑ 火炉等下面的)炉灰盘.
5ashtray n small dish or container into which smokers put tobacco ash, cigarette ends, etc 烟灰缸.

Ash 5Wednesday first day of Lent 圣灰星期三(大斋首日). Cf 参看 Throve Tuesday.