/ 9B:tI5fIFl; 9BrtE`fIFEl/ adj
made or produced by man in imitation of sth natural; not real 人造的; 人工的; 假的: artificial flowers, light, limbs, pearls 假花﹑ 人造光﹑ 义肢﹑ 假珍珠.
affected; insincere; not genuine 做作的; 虚假的; 假的: Her artificial gaiety disguised an inner sadness. 她以矫揉造作的快乐掩饰着内心的悲痛. > artificiality / 9B:tIfIFI5lEtI; 9BrtI9fIFI`AlEtI/ n [U]. artificially / 9B:tI5fIFElI; 9BrtE`fIFElI/ adv.
# ,artificial insemi`nation injection of semen into the womb (esp of animals) artificially, so that conception can occur without sexual intercourse 人工授精(尤指施於动物的).
,artificial in`telligence (abbr 缩写 AI) (study of) the capacity of machines to simulate intelligent human behaviour 人工智能(的研究).
,artificial respi`ration process of forcing air into and out of the lungs to stimulate natural breathing again when it has failed, eg in a person who has almost drowned 人工呼吸.