2 / B:5tIkjUleIt; Br`tIkjE9let/ v
[I, Tn] speak (sth) clearly and distinctly 清楚明白地说(某事): I'm a little deaf please articulate (your words) carefully. 我有些耳背--请(把话)仔细说清楚.
[Ipr, Tn.pr usu passive 通常用於被动语态] ~ (sth) with sth form a joint or connect (sth) by joints with sth 形成关节; (用关节)连接: bones that articulate/are articulated with others 以关节与其它骨骼相连的骨骼.
# ar,ticulated `vehicle, ar,ticulated `lorry (US tractor-trailer) vehicle with sections connected by flexible joints so that it can turn more easily 铰接车(带有用铰链连接其它部分的车辆, 转弯较易). =>illus at lorry 见lorry.