3 / B:m; Brm/ v
[I, Tn, Tn.pr] ~ oneself/sb (with sth) supply or equip oneself/sb with weapons; prepare for war or fighting 供给自己[某人]武器; 武装; 装备; 备战: The enemy is arming. 敌人正在备战. * The mob armed themselves with sticks and stones. 暴乱的群众用棍子和石块作武器. * Police say the man is armed and dangerous. 警方称该男子携有武器, 十分危险. * warships armed with nuclear weapons 有核武器装备的军舰 * (fig 比喻) She arrived at the interview armed with lists of statistics. 她带着统计资料前往面试.
[Tn] make (a bomb, etc) ready to explode 使(炸弹等)准备爆炸.
(idm 习语) ,armed to the `teeth having many weapons 武装到牙齿(全副武装).
# the ,armed `forces, the ,armed `services a country's army, navy and air force 武装力量(一国的陆海空三军).
,armed neu`trality policy of remaining neutral but prepared for defence against attack 武装中立(保持中立但准备自卫的政策).