1 / B:m; Brm/ n
either of the two upper limbs of the human body, from the shoulder to the hand 上肢(肩到手的部分); 手臂: She held the baby in her arms. 她抱着那个婴儿. * He gave her his arm (ie let her hold it for support) as they crossed the road. 他们横过马路的时候, 他向她伸出手臂(使她挽住). * She was carrying a book under her arm, ie between her arm and her body. 她腋下挟着一本书. * He rushed into her arms, ie to be embraced by her. 他投入她的怀抱中. =>illus at human 见human之插图.
sleeve 袖子: There's a tear in the arm of my jacket. 我上衣袖子上有个破口.
thing that is shaped like or operates like an arm 臂状物: the arms of a chair, ie parts on which the arms can rest 椅子的扶手 * an arm of the sea, ie a long inlet 海湾 * an arm of a tree, ie a large branch 大树枝 * the (pick-up) arm of a record-player 电唱头(拾音器)臂. =>illus at App 1 见附录1之插图, page xvi.
(idm 习语) ,arm in `arm (of two people) with the arm of one linked with the arm of the other (指两人)挎着胳膊, 臂挽着臂: strolling happily arm in arm 臂挽着臂愉快地散步. =>illus 见插图. the (long) arm of the `law (extent of) the authority or power of the law 法律的权威或力量(的限度): He fled to Brazil trying to escape the long arm of the law. 他逃到巴西, 企图逃避恢恢法网. at arm's `length with the arm fully extended away from the body 以一臂之距: holding one's hand out at arm's length 伸直手臂. a babe in arms => babe. chance one's arm => chance2. fold one's arms => fold1. fold sb/sth in one's arms => fold1. have a long arm => long1. keep sb at arm's
length not allow oneself to become too friendly with sb 与某人保持距离; 不使自己太亲近某人. a shot in the arm => shot1. twist sb's arm => twist. with arms akimbo with one's hands on one's hips and one's elbows pointed outwards 双手叉着腰. =>illus 见插图. with open `arms => open1.
# `arm-band (also `armlet) n band of material worn round the arm or sleeve 臂环; 袖箍; 臂章; 袖章: Many people at the funeral were wearing black arm-bands. 在丧礼上, 很多人臂戴黑纱.
`armchair n chair with supports for the arms (单座的)沙发. =>illus at App 1 见附录1之插图, page xvi. adj [attrib 作定语] without having or providing practical experience of sth 对某事物没有实际经验的: armchair critics 空谈的批评家 * an armchair traveller, ie sb who reads or hears about travel but does not travel himself 神游旅行者(只阅读或听说关於旅游的事而不亲身旅行的人) * armchair theatre, eg plays on radio or TV 广播剧(如无线电或电视广播的戏剧).
`armful / 5B:mfUl; `Brm9fJl/ n quantity that can be carried by one or both arms 单臂或双臂围住的量: armfuls of flowers 一抱一抱的花 * carrying books by the armful 携带着成抱的书.
`armhole n opening in a garment through which the arm is put 袖孔.
armlet / 5B:mlIt; `BrmlIt/ n = arm-band.
`armpit n hollow under the arm at the shoulder 腋窝; 夹肢窝; 胳肢窝. =>illus at human 见human之插图.