/ 5B:gju:; `Br^ju/ v
[I, Ipr] ~ (with sb) (about/over sth) express an opposite opinion; exchange angry words; quarrel 争论; 争辩; 争吵: The couple next door are always arguing. 邻居的夫妇总吵架. * Don't argue with your mother. 不要和母亲争辩. * We argued with the waiter about the price of the meal. 我们跟服务员争执那顿饭的价钱.
[I, Ipr, Tf] ~ (for/against sth) give reasons for or against sth, esp with the aim of persuading sb 说理; 争辩; 辩论: He argues convincingly. 他的辩解很有说服力. * argue for the right to strike 为争取罢工权利而辩论 * I argued that we needed a larger office. 我据理力争我们需要大些的办公室.
[Tn] (fml 文) discuss (sth); debate 讨论; 辩论: The lawyers argued the case for hours. 律师们对那个案件辩论了几小时.
(idm 习语),argue the `toss say that one disagrees about a decision反对某项决定: Let's not argue the toss we have to accept his choice. 我们不必争论已经决定的事--只好听他的.
(phr v) argue sb into/out of doing sth persuade sb to do/not to do sth by giving reasons 说服﹑ 劝说某人做[不做]某事: They argued him into withdrawing his complaint. 他们说服他撤回了投诉.
> arguable / 5B:gjUEbl; `Br^jJEbl/ adj
1 that can be argued or asserted 可论证的; 可断言的: It is arguable that we would be just as efficient with fewer staff. 我们的职员少一些也能发挥同样效率, 这是言之成理的.
2 not certain; questionable 可疑的; 有问题的: This account contains many arguable statements. 这种说法含有很多疑点. arguably / -EblI; -EblI/ adv one can argue(2) that 可争辩地; 按理; 按说: John sings very well though Peter is arguably the better actor. 约翰唱得很好, 不过按理说彼得演得更好.