/ E5prEUtF; E`protF/ v
[I, Tn] come near or nearer to (sb/sth) in space or time (在空间或时间上)接近, 靠近(某人[某事物]): The time is approaching when we must think about buying a new house. 我们要想一想买新房子的事了, 时机即将来临. * As you approach the town the first building you see is the church. 接近那座城镇的时候, 首先看到的就是教堂.
[Tn] be similar in quality or character to (sb/sth) (在性质或特点上)接近(某人[某事物]): Few writers even begin to approach Shakespeare's greatness. 莎士比亚的伟大, 鲜有作家能望其项背.
[Tn] go to (sb) for help or support or in order to offer sth (为求助或提供某事物)接近(某人): approach one's bank manager for a loan 找银行经理寻求贷款 * approach a witness with a bribe 前去贿赂目击者 * I find him difficult to approach, ie not easy to talk to in a friendly way. 我觉得他很难接近(不好谈话).
[Tn] begin to tackle (a task, problem, etc) 着手处理(事务﹑ 难题等): Before trying to solve the puzzle, let us consider the best way to approach it. 要想解决这一难题, 咱们先来考虑一下如何着手方为上策.
> approach n
1 [sing] act of approaching 接近: Heavy footsteps signalled the teacher's approach. 沉重的脚步声显示教师已经走近了. * At her approach the children ran off. 她走近的时候, 孩子们都跑了.
2 [C] ~ to sth thing resembling sth in quality or character 性质或特点相似的事物: That's the nearest approach to a smile he ever makes. 那已算是他能做出的最近乎微笑的表示了.
3 [C] way leading to sth; path; road 通路; 进路; 道路: All the approaches to the palace were guarded by troops. 通往宫殿的所有道路都有部队把守. * [attrib 作定语] Police are patrolling the major approach roads to the stadium. 警察正在通往运动场的主要通路上巡逻.
4 [C] way of dealing with a person or thing 方法; 手段: a new approach to language teaching 语言教学的新方法.
5 [C] attempt to reach agreement or become friendly with sb (想与某人商议或亲近的)尝试, 意图: The club has made an approach to a local business firm for sponsorship. 俱乐部已试探向本地一家公司寻求资助. * She resented his persistent approaches. 他一再地表示亲近使她很反感.
6 [C] final part of an aircraft's flight before landing 进场(飞机着陆前的最後飞行阶段): the approach to the runway 进入跑道的进场飞行.
7 [C] (in golf) stroke from the fairway to the green (高尔夫球赛中)从外野击向球穴区草地.
8 (idm 习语) easy/difficult of approach (fml 文) easy/difficult to talk to in a friendly way 平易近人的[难於接近的].
approachable adj 1 (of people or things) that can be approached (指人或物)可接近的 : The village is only approachable from the south. 这个村子只有从南边才能到达. 2 friendly and easy to talk to 和蔼可亲的. approachability / E9prEUtFE5bIlEtI; E9protFE`bIlEtI/ n [U].