/ E9pri:FI5eIFn; E9priFI`eFEn/ n
[U] understanding and enjoyment 欣赏: She shows little or no appreciation of good music. 她对於好音乐鲜有或没有欣赏的能力.
[U] grateful recognition of an action 感激; 感谢: Please accept this gift in appreciation of all you've done for us. 多蒙鼎力协助, 无任感谢. 谨备薄礼, 敬请哂纳.
[C] (fml 文) (esp written) statement of the qualities of a work of art, person's life, etc (尤指书面的)鉴定, 鉴别, 评价, 评论: an appreciation of the poet's work 对诗人作品的评论.
[U] increase in value 增值; 涨价: The pound's rapid appreciation is creating problems for exporters. 英镑急速升值给出口商造成困难.