/ E5pArEnt; E`pArEnt/ adj
[pred 作表语] clearly seen or understood; obvious 清楚易见或易懂; 明显; 显然: Certain problems were apparent from the outset. 有些问题从一开始就是显而易见的. * It became apparent that she was going to die. 很明显她快要死了. * Their motives, as will soon become apparent (ie as you will soon see), are completely selfish. 他们的动机很快就能看出, 完全是自私自利.
seeming; unreal 表面上的; 假的: Her apparent indifference made him even more nervous. 她表面上若无其事反而使他更加紧张. * Their affluence is more apparent than real, ie They are not as rich as they seem to be. 他们的富有是虚有其表(并非像看上去的那麽阔).
> apparently adv according to appearances; as it seems 看来; 似乎: He had apparently escaped by bribing a guard. 他看来是贿赂了守卫而逃跑的. * Apparently (ie I have heard that) they're getting divorced. 看样子(听说)他们要离婚了.