/ E5pClEdVI; E`pBlEdVI/ n
~ (to sb) (for sth) statement to say one is sorry for having done wrong or hurt sb's feelings 道歉; 谢罪; 认错: offer/ make/ accept an apology 道歉[致歉/接受道歉] * I made my apologies (to my host) and left early. 我(向主人)道过歉後提早离去.
(fml 文) explanation or defence (of beliefs, etc) (为信仰等的)辩解, 辩护. Cf 参看 apologetics (apologetic).
(idm 习语) an apology for sth inferior type of sth; poor replacement 低劣的某事物; 勉强的代用物: Please excuse this wretched apology for a meal. 请包涵这顿不像样的饭菜.