/ 5AnjUEl; `AnjJEl/ adj [usu attrib 通常作定语]
happening every year 每年的; 年度的; 一年一次的: annual event, meeting, report, show, visit 一年一次的大事﹑ 会议﹑ 报告﹑ 演出﹑ 访问.
calculated for the year 按年度计算的: an annual income, production, rainfall, subscription 年收入﹑ 产量﹑ 雨量﹑ (预订)费.
lasting for one year 持续一年的: the annual course of the sun 太阳在一年期间的运行.
> annual n
1 plant that lives for one year or season 一年生植物; 一季生植物.
2 book or periodical that is published once a year, having the same title each time but different contents 年鉴; 年刊; 年报.
annually adv: The exhibition is held annually. 这种展览每年举行一次.