/ E5naUns; E`naJns/ v
[Tn, Tf, Tw, Dn.pr, Dpr.f, Dpr.w] make (sth) known publicly 宣布; 宣告; 发表: They announced their engagement to the family. 他们向家里宣布他们已经订婚了. * The Prime Minister announced that she would resign. 首相宣布她将辞职. * Have they announced when the race will begin? 宣布比赛什麽时候开始了吗?
[Tn] make known the presence or arrival of (sb/sth) 通报(某人[某事物])的出席或到来: Would you announce the guests as they come in? 客人来时你通报一声好吗?
[Tn] introduce (a speaker, singer, etc) on radio, TV, etc (在无线电﹑ 电视等上)主持介绍(演讲者﹑ 演唱者等).
> announcement n statement in spoken or written form that makes sth known 宣布; 宣告; 通告: The announcement of the royal birth was broadcast to the nation. 王室成员降生的通告已向全国广播. * Announcements of births, marriages and deaths appear in some newspapers. 有些报纸刊登出生﹑ 婚姻﹑ 死亡的通告.
announcer n person who announces speakers, singers, programmes, etc, esp on radio or TV 播音员, 广播员(尤指无线电或电视节目主持人).