/ 5eIndVl; `endVEl/ n
(esp in Christian belief) messenger or attendant of God 天使(尤指基督教信仰中上帝的使者或侍者): Angels are usually shown in pictures dressed in white, with wings. 在图画中的天使通常是身穿白衣, 生有翅膀. =>illus 见插图.
beautiful, innocent or kind person 安琪儿(美丽﹑ 纯真或善良的人): Mary's three children are all angels not like mine. 玛丽的三个孩子都像安琪儿一样可爱--跟我的孩子可不一样. * Be an angel and make me a cup of tea. 你做做好事, 给我沏杯茶吧. * He sings like an angel, ie very sweetly. 他唱得婉转动听.
(idm 习语) a ministering angel => minister2.
> angelic / An5dVelIk; An`dVZlIk/ adj of or like an angel 天使的; 天使般的; 美丽﹑ 纯真或善良的: an angelic smile, voice, face 天使般的微笑﹑ 声音﹑ 面孔. angelically / -klI; -klI/ adv: The children behaved angelically. 孩子们乖得像天使一样.
# `angel cake light sponge cake 蛋糕.
`angel-fish n (pl unchanged 复数不变) fish with wing-like fins 神仙鱼.