/ Am5bsEdE(r); Am`bAsEdL/ n
diplomat sent from one country to another either as a permanent representative or on a special mission 大使; 使节: the British Ambassador to Greece 英国驻希腊大使. Cf 参看 consul 1, High Commissioner (high1).
authorized representative or messenger 经授权的代表或使者.
> ambassadorial / Am9bsE5dR:rIEl; Am9bAsE`dRrIEl/ adj.
ambassadress / Am5bsEdrIs; Am`bAsEdrIs/ n
1 female ambassador 女大使.
2 ambassador's wife 大使夫人.
# ambassador-at-large n (pl -dors-at-large) (esp US) ambassador to more than one country, often on a specific mission 无任所大使; 巡回大使.