/ R:l5t\:nEtIv; Rl`t[nEtIv/ adj [attrib 作定语]
available in place of sth else; other 可用以代替其它事物的; 另一可选用的; 其他的: find alternative means of transport 另找一个运输方法 * Have you got an alternative suggestion? 你有没有其它的建议? * The alternative book to study for the examination is `War and Peace'. 可供应考选读的另一本书是《战争与和平》.
(idm 习语) the al,ternative so`ciety people who prefer not to live according to the conventional standards of social behaviour 另择群体(不循传统的社会行为准则而生活的人们).
> alternative n
1 choice of two or more possibilities 可能性中的选择: You have the alternative of marrying or remaining a bachelor. 你可以结婚也可以仍做单身汉, 任你选择. * Caught in the act, he had no alternative but to confess. 他被当场抓住, 除了招供别无出路.
2 one of two or more possibilities 可能性之一: One of the alternatives open to you is to resign. 你辞职也是个办法.
alternatively adv as an alternative 作为一种选择: We could take the train or alternatively go by car. 我们可以坐火车去, 也可以坐汽车去.