/ E5ledV; E`lZdV/ v [Tf, Cn.n/a, Cn.t only passive 只用於被动语态] (fml) state (sth) as a fact but without proof; give as an argument or excuse (无证据地)陈述, 宣称, 声称(某事); 辩解: The prisoner alleges that he was at home on the night of the crime. 囚犯辩称案发当晚他在家中. * He alleged illness as the reason for his absence. 他称病缺席. * We were alleged to have brought goods into the country illegally. 我们被指控非法携带货物入境.
> alleged adj [attrib 作定语] stated without being proved (未经证实而)陈述的: the alleged culprit, ie the person said to be the culprit 被控的疑犯. allegedly/E 5ledVIdlI; E`lZdVIdlI/ adv: The novel was allegedly written by a computer. 那部小说据称是电脑写的.