/ 5eIlIEn; `elIEn/ n
(fml or law 文或律) person who is not a naturalized citizen of the country in which he is living 外侨; 侨民; 外国人.
being from another world 从另一世界来的生物.
> alien adj
1 (a) foreign 外国的: an alien land 外国. (b) unfamiliar; strange 不熟悉的; 陌生的: an alien environment 陌生的环境 * alien customs 陌生的风俗习惯.
2 [pred 作表语] ~ to sth/sb contrary to sth; hateful to sb 与某事物相反; 使某人憎恨: Such principles are alien to our religion. 这些原则与我们的宗教信仰相抵触. * Cruelty was quite alien to his nature/to him. 残忍的行为与他的本性[与他]格格不入.