/ E5l\:t; E`l[t/ adj ~ (to sth) attentive and quick to think or act 警惕的; 警觉的; 机警的: be alert to possible dangers 对可能发生的危险有警觉 * The alert listener will have noticed the error. 耳朵尖的人能听出这个错. * Although he's over eighty his mind is still remarkably alert. 他虽已年逾八十, 但头脑仍十分机敏.
> alert n
(usu sing 通常作单数) (time of) special watchfulness before or during an attack 警戒(期间): The troops were placed on full alert. 部队处於全面戒备状态.
warning given to prepare for danger or an attack 警报: give/receive the alert 发出[收到]警报.
(idm 习语) on the a`lert (against/for sth) watchful and prepared 警惕; 提防: Police warned the public to be on the alert for suspected terrorists. 警方警告群众警惕涉嫌的恐怖分子.
alert v
1 [Tn] warn (soldiers, etc) to watch for danger and be ready to act 使(士兵等)警戒, 戒备: Why weren't the police alerted? 为什麽警方没戒备起来?
2 [Tn.pr] ~ sb to sth make sb aware of sth 提醒某人注意某事: alert staff to the crisis facing the company 提醒职员注意公司面临的危局.
alertly adv.
alertness n [U].