/ E5gri:; E`^ri/ v
[I, Ipr, It] ~ (to sth) say `yes'; say that one is willing; consent (to sth) 同意; 愿意; 答应(某事物): I asked for a pay rise and she agreed. 我请求加薪, 她就答应了. * Is he going to agree to our suggestion? 他会同意我们的建议吗? * He agreed to let me go home early. 他同意让我早些回家. Cf 参看 refuse2.
(a) [I, Ipr, It, Tf, Tw] ~ (with sb) (about/on sth); ~ (with sb) (about sb); ~ (with sth) be in harmony (with sb); have or form a similar opinion (as sb)同意; 赞成; (与某人)意见一致: When he said that, I had to agree. 他既然说出那样的话了, 我也只好同意了. * Do you agree with me about the need for more schools? 关於多建一些学校一事, 你同意我的意见吗? * We couldn't agree on a date/when to meet. 关於日期[什麽时候见面], 我们未能取得一致意见. * I agree with his analysis of the situation. 我同意他对情况的分析. * We agreed to start early. 我们赞成早些开始. * Do we all agree that the proposal is a good one? 我们是不是都一致认为这个建议很好? Cf 参看 disagree. (b) [Tn] reach the same opinion on (sth) 在(某事物)上取得一致的意见; 商定; 约定: Can we agree a price? 我们能不能商定一个价格? * They met at the agreed time. 他们在约好的时间相见了.
[Tn] accept (sth) as correct; approve 认为(某事物)正确无误; 认可: The tax inspector agreed the figures. 税务稽查员核准了这些数字. * Next year's budget has been agreed. 明年的预算已获通过.
[I, Ipr] ~ (with sth) be consistent (with sth); match (与某事物)相一致; 相符合; 相吻合: The two accounts do not agree. 这两个帐目不相符. * Your account of the affair does not agree with mine. 这件事你的说法和我的说法不一致. Cf 参看 disagree.
[I, Ip] ~ (together) be happy together; enjoy each other's company 合得来; 相投: Brothers and sisters never seem to agree. 兄弟姐妹好像总是合不来. Cf 参看 disagree.
[I, Ipr] ~ (with sth) (grammar) correspond (with a word or phrase) in number, person, etc (与一个词或词组在数﹑ 人称等上)一致: The verb agrees with its subject in number and person. 动词在数和人称上与主语一致. Cf 参看 disagree.
(idm 习语) a,gree to `differ accept differences of opinion, esp in order to avoid further argument 承认有分歧, 保留不同意见(尤用於为避免进一步争论): We must agree to differ on this. 我们得承认在这一问题上有分歧. be agreed (on/about sth); be agreed (that...) (with it or a plural subject 与it或复数主语连用) have reached an agreement 达成协议; 意见一致: Are we all agreed on the best course of action? 我们是否都一致同意这一最佳措施? * It was agreed that another meeting was necessary. 大家一致认为有必要再开一次会. ,couldn't agree (with sb) `more agree completely with sb 与某人意见完全一致: `The scheme's bound to fail.' `I couldn't agree more!' ‘这项计划注定要失败.’‘你说得太对了!’
(phr v) agree with sb (esp in negative sentences or questions 尤用於否定句或疑问句) suit sb's health or digestion (对某人的健康或胃口)适合: The humid climate didn't agree with him. 那潮湿的气候对他不合适. * I like mushrooms but unfortunately they don't agree with me, ie they make me ill if I eat them. 我喜欢吃蘑菇, 可惜吃了难受(我吃了以後不舒服).