/ E5gresIv; E`^rZsIv/ adj
(a) (of people or animals) apt or ready to attack; offensive; quarrelsome (指人或动物)侵略的, 好攻击的, 好寻衅的, 好争吵的: dogs trained to be aggressive 训练成攻击型的狗 * Aggressive nations threaten world peace. 侵略成性的国家威胁世界和平. (b) (of things or actions) for or of an attack; offensive (指事物或行动)攻击性的: aggressive weapons 攻击性的武器.
(often approv 常作褒义) forceful; self-assertive 强有力的; 坚持己见的: A good salesman must be aggressive if he wants to succeed. 要做个好推销员一定要有闯劲才能成功. > aggressively adv. aggressiveness n [U].