/ i:s5WetIk; Zs`WZtIk/ (US also esthetic / es5WetIk; Zs`WZtIk/) adj [usu attrib 通常作定语]
(a) concerned with beauty and the appreciation of beauty 有关美的; 美学的: aesthetic standards 美学标准 * an aesthetic sense 美感. (b) appreciating beauty and beautiful things 对美和美的事物欣赏的; 审美的: an aesthetic person 有美感的人.
pleasing to look at; artistic; tasteful 悦目的; 艺术的; 雅致的: aesthetic design 美观的设计 * Their furniture was more aesthetic than practical. 他们的家具华而不实.
> aesthetically (US also es-) / -klI; -klI/ adv: aesthetically pleasing 美观可爱的.
aestheticism / i:s5WetIsIzEm; Zs`WZtI9sIzEm/ (US also es-) n [U].
aesthetics (US also es-) n [sing v] branch of philosophy dealing with the principles of beauty and artistic taste 美学(哲学中的一门学科, 研究美和艺术鉴赏的原理).