/ 5AdvEkeIt; `AdvEket/ v [Tn, Tf, Tg, Tsg] speak publicly in favour of (sth); recommend; support 拥护; 提倡; 支持: I advocate a policy of gradual reform. 我拥护逐步改革的政策. * Do you advocate banning cars in the city centre?你支持禁止汽车在市中心通行这一主张吗?
> advocate / 5AdvEkEt; `AdvEkEt/ n
~ (of sth) person who supports or speaks in favour of a cause, policy, etc (对一事业﹑ 方针﹑ 政策等的)支持者, 拥护者, 鼓吹者, 提倡者: a lifelong advocate of disarmament 为裁军奋斗终生的人.
person who pleads on behalf of another, esp a lawyer who presents a client's case in a lawcourt 律师. Cf 参看 barrister, solicitor.
(idm 习语) devil's advocate => devil.