/ Ed5vaIz; Ed`vaIz/ v
[Ipr, Tn, Tn.pr, Tf, Tw, Tg, Dn.f, Dn.w, Dn.t] ~ (sb) against sth/doing sth; ~ sb (on sth) give advice to sb; recommend 劝告; 忠告; 建议: The doctor advised (me to take) a complete rest. 医生让(我)完全休息. * They advised her against marrying quickly. 他们劝她不要太快结婚. * She advises the Government on economic affairs. 她向政府提出经济方面的建议. * We advised that they should start early/advised them to start early. 我们建议他们应该及早开始. [我们建议他们及早开始.] * I'd advise taking a different approach. 我建议换个方式. * You would be well advised (ie sensible) to stay indoors. 你最好待在屋里. * Can you advise (me) what to do next? 你看(我)下一步怎麽办?
[Tn, Tn.pr, Dn.f, Dn.w] ~ sb (of sth) (esp commerce 尤用於商业) inform or notify sb 通知或告知某人: Please advise us of the dispatch of the goods/when the goods are dispatched. 货物发出[货物发出时]请通知我们.
> advisedly / Ed5vaIzIdlI; Ed`vaIzIdlI/ adv (fml 文) after careful thought; deliberately 深思熟虑的; 故意的: I use these words advisedly. 我是特意用这些字的.
adviser (also esp US advisor) n ~ (to sb) (on sth) person who gives advice, esp sb who is regularly consulted 顾问: serve as special adviser to the President 作总统的特别顾问.