/ 5AdvEtaIz; `AdvL9taIz/ v
[Tn] make (sth) generally or publicly known 使(某事物)尽人皆知; 公布; 宣传: advertise a meeting, a concert, a job 公布[宣传]一次会议﹑ 一次音乐会﹑ 一项工作 * It may be safer not to advertise your presence. 不把你出席的事声张出去也许更为安全.
[I, Tn] praise (sth) publicly in order to encourage people to buy or use it 公开赞扬(某事物)以鼓动别人购买或使用; 做广告宣传; 登广告宣传: advertise on TV, in a newspaper 在电视上做广告﹑ 在报纸上登广告 * advertise soap, one's house, one's services 做广告宣传肥皂﹑ 自己的房子﹑ 自己的服务.
[Ipr] ~ for sb/sth ask for sb/sth by placing a notice in a newspaper, etc 在报刊等上面登徵求某人或某事物的广告: I must advertise for a new secretary. 我得刊登广告聘请一位新秘书.
> advertisement / Ed5v\:tIsmEnt; [email protected] 9AdvEr5taIzmEnt; 9AdvL`taIzmEnt/ n
1 [U] action of advertising 出公告; 做广告; 登广告: [attrib 作定语] the advertisement page 广告专页.
2 [C] (also advert, ad) ~ (for sb/sth) public notice offering or asking for goods, services, etc 广告(推销或徵求货物﹑ 服务等): If you want to sell your old sofa, why not put an advertisement in the local paper? 你若打算卖掉旧沙发, 何不在本地报纸上登个广告呢? advertiser n person who advertises 登广告的人.
advertising n [U] 1 action of advertising 广告宣传; 做广告; 登广告: [attrib 作定语] a national advertising campaign 一场全国性的广告宣传攻势. 2 business that deals with the publicizing of goods, esp to increase sales 广告业; 广告事务: He works in advertising. 他从事广告业. * Cigarette advertising should be banned. 应该禁止香烟的广告业务. * [attrib 作定语] advertising revenue 广告收入.