2 / Ed5vB:ns; [email protected] -5vns; Ed`vAns/ v
(a) [I, Ipr, In/pr] ~ (on/towards sb/sth) come or go forward 前进: The mob advanced towards/on us shouting angrily. 暴徒们怒吼着向我们涌来. * Our troops have advanced two miles. 我们的部队已经前进了两英里. (b) [I] (fig 比喻) make progress 进步: advance in one's career 在事业上进步 * Has civilization advanced during this century? 本世纪文明有所进步吗?
[Tn] move or put (sb/sth) forward 向前移动或推进(某人[某事物]): The general advanced his troops at night. 将军夜晚将部队向前推进. * He advanced his queen to threaten his opponent's king, ie in a game of chess. 他向前走后棋, 直逼对方的王棋(於国际象棋棋局中). Cf 参看 retreat 1.
[Tn] help the progress of (sth); promote (a person, plan, etc) 促进(某事物); 推动(某人﹑ 计划等): Such conduct is unlikely to advance your interests. 这种行为对你可不大有利.
[Tn] (fml 文) make or present (a claim, suggestion, etc) 作出, 提出(要求﹑ 建议等): Scientists have advanced a new theory to explain this phenomenon. 科学家已提出一种新理论来解释这一现象.
[Dn.n, Dn.pr] ~ sth (to sb) pay (money) before it is due to be paid; lend (money) 预付(钱); 借(钱): The bank advanced me 2000. 银行借给我2000英镑. * He asked his employer to advance him a month's salary. 他请求雇主先预支一个月的薪水.
[Tn, Tn.pr] bring (an event) to an earlier date 提前; 提早: The date of the meeting was advanced from 10 to 3 June. 会议日期已由6月10日提前到6月3日. Cf 参看 postpone 1.
(a) [Tn] increase (a price) 提高(价格); 涨(价). (b) [I] (of prices, costs, etc) rise (指价格﹑ 成本﹑ 费用等)上涨: Property values continue to advance rapidly. 房地产价值继续急速上涨.
> advanced adj
1 far on in life or progress 在生命或进程中远远在前的: be advanced in years 年事已高 * She died at an advanced age. 她活到高龄才去世.
2 not elementary 非初步的; 高深的; 高等的: advanced studies 高深的研究.
3 new and not yet generally accepted 新的而尚未被普遍接受的; 先进的; 先驱的; 超前的: have advanced ideas 有先进的思想.
# advanced `credit (also advanced `standing) (US) credit given by one college for courses taken at another 跨校学分(大专院校对学生在其它院校所学课程给予的学分).
Ad`vanced level (also A level / 5eI levl; `e lZvl/) (in Britain) higher level in the General Certificate of Education examinations (英国普通教育文凭考试中的)高级程度. Cf 参看 A/S level, Ordinary level (ordinary), General Certificate of Secondary Education (general).